Monday, 15 July 2013

Wedding Preparation Lists for the Groom, Best Man and Ushers

While there are some tasks that need to done early in the wedding planning, the groom also has responsibilities for the Big Day, including preparing his team for a smooth, successful event. 

Here are some basic task lists for the men to review.

For the groom:
• Buy an engagement ring.
• Prepare a guest list and indicate who should be seated in reserved pews.
• Invite friends to be the best man and ushers in the wedding.
• Visit the formal-wear specialist to select the wedding attire.
• Choose gifts for the bride, the best man and the ushers.
• Select the wedding ring (this should be done with the bride).
• Plan the honeymoon (this should be done with the bride) in time to assure getting reservations.
• Apply for the marriage license. Check state and local requirements about the time required. This should be obtained several weeks before the wedding and given to the best man the day of the wedding, along with the clergyman’s fee.
• Check to be sure that all of the necessary papers — blood tests, birth certificates, etc. — are complete and available upon request.

For the best man:
• Take charge of the ushers; brief them on special seating arrangements during the rehearsal.
• Keep the wedding ring and have it the day of the ceremony or be sure the ring bearer carries out instructions properly.
• Have the marriage license and clergyman’s fee on hand.
• Help the groom get ready for the wedding.
• Call for and escort the groom to the wedding. Be there at least 15 to 30 minutes before the ceremony begins.

For the ushers:
• Be at the wedding site at least one hour before the ceremony.
• Have a typed list of guests occupying reserved pews. As the guests arrive, ask whether they are friends of the bride or groom and seat them accordingly.

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