Friday, 17 May 2013

Tips: Wedding Mistakes you sure want to avoid

1.      A Lack of Personality
I have to emphasize: Your own personality. Not any theme others offer. Put in your interest and make the wedding yours wedding. Just be careful don’t burn yourself. 

2.      Wasting Moneys
Make sure you know your budget.

Discuss with your half, family and friend or wedding planner to know what's important to you and what isn't. Finally, stick to it.

3.      Forgetting What a Wedding really is
The wedding ceremony is the main event while the reception is just a celebration of it. Make sure you've put enough thought into the music, readings, and vows that will make your wedding ceremony memorable.

4.      Not Knowing the Master of Ceremonies
MC of the ceremony and the MC of the reception (often the DJ or band leader.) are the two people whose personalities are almost as important as the couple getting married. Make sure that your personalities mesh well with these two people, and that you feel listened to and respected.

5.      Thinking "It must be clear skies."
Unless your wedding are held indoor, you better consider it. If you're having an outdoor wedding, make sure that you have an alternate location in case of rain. 

Give a trusted person a list of vendors, phone numbers, and expected time of arrival so that you won't be caught 10 minutes before the wedding without the bouquets. Bring a bridal emergency kit for last minute snafus.

6.      Forgetting the Meaning of the Word "Budget"

You sure don't want to start a new life with thousands of dollars in debt behind you.

Use the budget as a tool to figure out what you can cut, what you can save and where other income might come from. Not only will budgeting help you afford your wedding, but it's an important skill for your married life.

7.      Getting Trashed the Night Before the Wedding
Do yourself a favor, skip drinking the night before.
The last thing you need is to wake up with a headache, puffy skin, fuzzy head, or worse, an upset stomach. 

8.      Being Inconsiderate
Yes, it's your wedding, and your special day. But you need to take other people into consideration as well. Think about what you are asking. 

  • Is what you need the wedding party to do fair? Have you been clear about your expectations about level of commitment? 
  • Will your guests be forced to stand around for over an hour while you take pictures? 
  • Will they be comfortable in the weather or have you thought to provide bottles of water, fans, and/or wraps and heaters? 
  • Do guests know what to expect? 
  • Are you planning your wedding for a holiday weekend when most of your in-town guests wish they could get out of town?

9.      Not Involving Your Better Half
It is 21st century. Wedding planning should be the domain of both people, not just one. I suggest setting aside a regular weekly meeting time to talk about new ideas, research that you've done, and set wedding-related goals for the next week.

10.  Losing Perspective
Don't forget what's really important to you. Don't get bogged down in so many details that you don't spend enough time on what's important. 

If something goes wrong, take a deep breaths and think about the big picture. Above all, keep your sense of humor!

Well, that's all for this post.If you got some to say, feel free to share it with us.
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