Monday, 15 April 2013

[Tips] Do & Don't before pre-wedding photos

Planning for a wedding can become quite a project. With so much on your mind, it’s easy to forget about you even though it is supposed to be your big day.

That said, you deserve to take some time out to pamper yourself and to prepare you for your wedding day. Here are some advices for the bride-to-be in order to plan for a flawless wedding day and to prevent some unseen disasters.


Having a facial not only beneficial because it de-stresses and detoxifies the skin, but because it will also help to rejuvenate the skin’s appearance. Because the facial makes your make-up goes on smoother and looks more natural, giving the skin a flawless look.

If you’ve never had a facial, do not wait until the day before your wedding to make your visit to the spa.

Facials produce different results for different people. It’s a good idea to schedule a visit a couple of months in advance of the wedding in order to see how your skin responds to the procedure. Some people see the best results from the facial a few days after, and some see greater results even a week later. Since you want to look your best on your big day, knowing how your skin responds is important.


Like most brides, you are probably going to be scheduling yourself an appointment to have your hair done.

If you’ve got a specific style in mind, do not wait until the day of the wedding to see how it looks.

Schedule yourself an appointment with your stylist a couple of weeks or even days prior to the wedding to see whether or not you actually like the way your hair will look. This will also allow for you to determine exactly how long the procedure will take so you can plan your day accordingly. You don’t want any surprises to get in the way on the day of your wedding.


Because your wedding day is so special and you want to look your best, you may be inclined to schedule an appointment with a professional to get your makeup done. It’s a wise choice, however; like with your hair, you need to test the waters ahead of time.
If you’re going to be using makeup you’ve never used before, test it out to make sure it looks good from every angle.

Whether you’re having your makeup professionally done, or you’re doing it yourself, make yourself up in advance of the wedding and have someone takes pictures of you. The reason for this is, some makeup (like those with sunscreen containing titanium dioxide) will appear white in photos due to light reflection.

Other makeup tips:

• Don’t wear any shimmery blush or eye shadow – this too can distort photos.

• Make sure to wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner – there’s a chance you may get a little teary eyed!

• Make sure to carry translucent powder with you so you can prevent any shiny areas on the skin

• To keep lipstick on – apply foundation and setting powder to the lips, then draw on the lipliner, put translucent powder over the lips, then the lipstick, and finally the lip-gloss. You will be puckering up quite a bit – so take precautions to keep your lips looking pretty all day.


Lots of women like to get waxed before their wedding so that they don’t have to worry about shaving while on their honeymoon.

If you’re going to get a wax anywhere on your body, start waxing at least a couple of months prior to the wedding.

Like with facials, waxing can produce different results for different people. It’s a good idea to begin the process months in advance. In fact, it actually takes the hair a while to fall into a pattern of growth – when you wax the first few times, the hair may grow back sooner than you think.

Also, right after a wax, the skin can develop little red bumps due to the fact that the hair follicles are irritated. They may take days to disappear.

Note: It’s important to exfoliate everyday in the shower after you’ve waxed to prevent ingrown hairs!


It’s understandable to want to get tan for your wedding and your honeymoon – especially if your destination is somewhere warm and tropical. However, tanning beds are extremely bad for your skin and body.

If you’re planning on getting tan, do not start too close to the wedding.

Like with everything else, test it out before the big day so there are no unwanted results. It is best to make an appointment a couple of weeks in advance of the wedding to have your body polished (exfoliated). Then, use a sunless tanning lotion all over or wherever you want to look tan. The exfoliation will make sure you get an even color.

Also, don’t forget to apply any sunscreen with at least SPF15+ when you are out in the sun. The sun is extremely damaging to the skin, so do your best to take care of it and be responsible.

Good luck and remember it is your day!



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