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[Tips] Your Perfect Wedding Hair 新娘发型

There’s no doubt that your wedding is one of the memorable days of your life. And that’s why you need to look your best, especially your hair. To make sure that happens, here are several tips on how to get that perfect wedding hairstyle.


Tip #1: Plan in advance 未雨绸缪

Your hairstyle is one of the major factors that would shape your look on your wedding day. Because of this, you should plan it beforehand. The style needs to work well with your makeup, dress, and the wedding’s theme. If any of these factors clash, you need enough time address the problem.


Tip #2: Schedule your salon appointment 提早向发廊预约

Your salon appointment should be arranged at least two months before the date so that you have enough time to plan things ahead and do more than one trial run. More importantly, getting booked in advance ensures that you will not end up get your hair done by a part time hair stylist.


Tip #3: Do a trial run 造型预习

Do a trial run of the hairstyle you plan to wear on your wedding day. Make sure this is done weeks before to give you time to assess more than one do. To make the most of your test run, get a friend to take pictures from different angles. Try to test the hairstyle under real-world conditions to see how it holds up.


Tip #4: Don’t wash your hair 造型前别洗头

This may seem counterproductive but hair actually looks and works better when it’s not newly washed. Why? Hair secretes sebum, a natural moisturiser that waterproofs your tresses and gives it a bit of texture. For best results, wash your hair 24 hours before the time of the wedding.


Tip #5: Avoid new styles before the day 不要一再更换造型

Whatever you do, do not try a new hairstyle right before (or even a week ahead of) your wedding. If something goes wrong, you won’t have any time to fix it. Your hair needs to be predictable and under control.


Tip #6: Stick to tested products 

To keep your hair predictable and under control, you need to keep using the same hair products. If you want to test different products, try them months before to see their effects. The last thing you need is having an allergic reaction to your new chemical treatment right before your wedding.

如果你满意目前正使用的头发护理产品,坚持使用。若你不满意,可咨询专家建议更换产品。不要试验性的随意改变,抱着试验的态度改变头发的颜色或造型;除了会影响到你的礼服和整个婚礼的风格, 更可能会让你头发因负荷不了而产生头皮敏感。

Tip #7: Bring your stylist along 带上你的发型师

Here’s an idea—you can bring your stylist along to keep tabs on your hair during the wedding. If you or your bridesmaids run into some trouble, your stylist can easily smooth things over literally.


Tip #8: Take good care of your hair  勤力护理你的头发

No matter it’s your wedding or not, you should always take good care of your hair. Remember to brush it regularly to stimulate your scalp and remove dead skin cells. Wash your hair with gentle shampoo every other day, and massage your scalp with olive or coconut oil. You can also ask your stylist for more hair care advice. With proper care, your hair is going to look terrific even after your wedding day.



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